3 Oil Changes. 3 Inspections. 3 Tire Rotations. 3 Car Washes.
Maintenance Done the Wright Way!

To keep your Subaru in great condition it's imperative that you follow its recommended maintenance schedule. To help, the team at Dave Wright Subaru has created the new Oil Change Club. To learn more and to sign-up, come visit our Subaru dealership near Cedar Rapids, IA, to join the club to reap the benefits of our exclusive membership.

Here are just some of the benefits of becoming a Dave Wright Subaru Oil Change Club member:

  • There is no time limit on usage. If you decide not to use your card for every visit, that's ok because it will not expire.
  • You will receive a premium service experience and your vehicle is worked on by highly trained service technicians.
  • Several of the technicians in our service department have more than 25 years of experience, which means you can rest easy when you service your vehicle with us!
  • Your Oil Change Club card is redeemable in the main shop or express lane
  • Don't drive a Subaru? Any make or model is able to join the Oil Change Club

Oil Change Club members will receive one of two cards. There is a red card for those that require conventional oil changes, and it has a price of $105.95 for three oil changes. Those who need synthetic oil for their vehicles will receive a blue card, which is priced at $189.95 and is also viable for three oil changes. To make it even easier for you, your Oil Change Club card is redeemable in the main shop or express lane anytime.

An added plus of being an Oil Change Club member is that you will save at least $7 per oil change. For every extra quart and visit to our Subaru service center you'll be saving money when you're a card holder. For you non-Subaru drivers, any make and model are welcome to become members of the Oil Change Club, so if you bought a pre-owned vehicle from us that's made by another automaker, you're still able to join the club and reap the rewards!

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